Platy Fish Care Tips

Platy Fish Care Tips:

Tank Size: Minimum of a 10 gallon aquarium tank to keep merely a series of Platies. If you prepare to recreate, make sure to have at least a 29 gallon tank so that the fry can grow in the particular really particular really particular in truth particular in reality particular in reality particular exceptionally exact in truth particular extremely exact incredibly particular really exact same tank.
Water Filtration: Any sponge filter or a hold on back filter appropriates for Platies. Service service guarantee to cover the inlet of the hang on back filter with sponge or non-toxic stockings if you may have frys in your tank.
Water pH Level: The Platys are a truly long-lasting fish. A pH of 7.0 to 8.5 which is medium to Hard appropriates for the fish tank.
Water Temperature: The finest temperature level variety from 68 to 79 F (20 to 26 C).
Series of Fish: If you prepare to duplicate, ensure to keep 2 times the series of women to that of males in the fish tank.
Food: In the wild Platies are omnivores and take in plant, algae, bugs and little shellfishes.
Tank Mates: The most finest tank mates for Platies are other livebearers like Mollies, Swordtails, Danios.


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